Academic Affairs Town Halls

As mentioned in our last membership email, Provost Bott held a virtual Town Hall event to address some faculty concerns regarding plans for the upcoming semester in response to COVID-19. Here is a summary from member Rob Zimmer, who attended the Town Hall:

There was nothing stated to be a decision, i.e. “this is what we’re doing” in any respect. It sounds like we can expect more concrete schedule, plans, etc., for instruction in the next week or two. I’ll add that I’m encouraged that we aren’t jumping into an approach prematurely, and I appreciate the deliberation being taken.A representative from each working group of the fall contingency team essentially reported on the likely scenarios that we might find ourselves in, as a community and as instructors, and the work that they will be doing to make sure we’re equipped and prepared for them. Much time was spent answering questions.I can’t say there were any surprises or otherwise earth-shattering revelations, but I was left with a bit more clarity as to what I might be expected to prepare for in the fall.

Another Academic Affairs Town Hall will be held this Friday, June 12 from 12:30-1:30 p.m. to discuss the upcoming semester and other issues. Anyone may attend via WebEx at