Joint Instructional Advisory Committee

As Communications Officer, I’ve had the privilege of representing PIO this past spring and summer on the Joint Instructional Advisory Committee (JIAC). JIAC was created to help instructors transition in-person courses to online courses when the university decided to convene as online-only for Summer I courses.

Our conversations have ranged from pedagogical to technical and have covered a variety of topics. Each week, I am given time to address specific concerns of part-time instructors. This committee’s job is not to advocate one way or another for online or in-person instruction, but to ensure that tools are provided to instructors to ensure the best possible educational experience for students.

As someone who has been teaching an online course for the first time during Summer I, I have been impressed with the support offered by WMUx through the course development process and am grateful for the opportunity to grow as an instructor!

For extensive minutes from our weekly meetings, visit JIAC’s tab on the WMU website.