2021 Bargaining Updates

Most recent updates are first…

Bargaining Session: May 28, 2021

Key Items Proposed by PIO

  • Equity Adjustments to Salary: Establish a significant year one (2021-22) pay increase to $1,500/credit hour for all instructors (see presentation), followed by continued increases in the years that follow.
  • Instructor II status awardees must be compensated with no less than a 7.5% raise above the yearly per credit hour salary minima for all other PIO instructors.
  • All instructors must receive compensation increases proportionate to the standard for large classes in their departments.
  • Prohibit reductions to negotiated (any above the minima) salaries for PIO instructors.
  • The tuition discount benefit – raised to 6 credit hours total – can be: (a) deferred by the instructor for use in an “off” semester or session or (b) transferred to a spouse or dependent for 50% off tuition up to 6 credit hours.
  • PIO instructors shall have the same free access to the Student Recreation Center and West Hills Athletic Club as faculty.  

Financial Presentation (you can download a copy here)


Bargaining Session: May 21

Key Items Proposed by PIO

  • Create an intermediary status between Instructor I and II that offers greater job security for our long-serving instructors.
  • Improve protections of consistent course load for Instructor II status awardees.
  • Add a much-needed appeals process for part-time instructors applying for Instructor II status.
  • Increase the time between the awarding of and renewal/reapplication for Instructor II status.
  • Require digital copies of annual evaluations be provided to all PIO instructors to ensure greater awareness and transparency.