2021 Bargaining


In 2016, PIO fought hard and secured a six-year contract that provided for an increase in pay of $25 per credit hour each year, among other key benefits. Despite those raises, Part Time Instructors at WMU remain among the lowest paid when compared to other universities. Not only that, we are paid, on average, over $700 per credit hour less than Faculty Specialist I, which is the full-time equivalent in terms of responsibility. FS-1 gets benefits on top of that.

What We’re Fighting For

Compensation is at the top of the list. Our bargaining team has put forth a proposal to raise pay to $1,500 per credit hour, which is quite significant. We see this as a long-overdue equity adjustment. Other proposals include increased pay for Instructor II status, job security for Instructor II and other longer-term instructors, pay equity in teaching “large classes, access to WMU fitness facilities, and expanding the tuition discount benefit.

The WMU Administration’s team has proposed freezing pay, and they want to have the ability to take away free parking for faculty. In justifying the status quo, they want the public to believe that we are experiencing financial hardship, but in truth WMU is on track for a budget surplus in excess of $10 million dollars for the 6th straight year.

CLICK HERE for detailed updates on the bargaining process, including a detailed financial presentation.

How YOU Can Help

Whether you are a student, staff member, or a non-affiliated member of the Kalamazoo community, we appreciate your support. We may take actions in the near future including marches, public observation of bargaining sessions, letter/email/phone campaigns, and petitions.

If you’d like to be keep in the loop and invited to participate in certain actions when they are planned CLICK HERE and sign up for updates. This list will only be used for communications about these specific bargaining actions, and bargaining updates.

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