AFT Michigan Unemployment Workshop held Wednesday Afternoon.

In case you missed it, Wednesday afternoon AFT Michigan held an unemployment workshop that focused on the specific issues arising at Western Michigan University and Kalamazoo Valley Community College. The speaker was Sonya Alvarado, AFT Michigan Field Representative.

In addition to covering the basics of filing for unemployment, there was a discussion about “Letters of Reasonable Assurance”, which have been issued by some departments with the expectation that each part-time instructor would sign. It is unclear whether these letters will really have any legal bearing on unemployment claims, and our legal resources have said that even if you signed one, you should still file for unemployment as you normally would. It’s been here is a possibility that, if WMU were to contest your UI claim, having signed the letter may weaken one’s case in defense. 

The State of Michigan will continue to provide (until September) the additional $300 weekly federal benefit in addition to whatever benefits one is eligible for as a result of the normal state formulas. 

If you have issues with your UI claim, PIO has resources, including access to the AFT Michigan attorney on retainer, to answer questions and provide representation in disputes. Here are some helpful contacts:

Rob Zimmer, Communications Officer, PIO Local 1903