Bargaining Update: THE GAMES BEGIN

Dear PIO Member,

Our bargaining team has been hard at work the past several weeks, drafting member-driven, new contract language in proposals on intellectual property, continuing status, Instructor II benefits, and compensation. The team came into the most recent session last Friday with our first and most important proposals, and left the table awash in the reality that we may be in for a fight.

The team gave a detailed financial presentation that reveals many details, including the deep inequities in compensation between Part-Time Instructors and Faculty Specialist I (the closest full-time equivalent). Did you know that…

  • On average, an FS-I is paid over $700 more per credit hour than we are? They don’t have research responsibility, and get benefits on top of that.
  • In FY2019-20, classes we taught generated 16.7% of tuition revenue, but our pay as a percentage of tuition paid was only 8.9%.
  • WMU has consistently maintained financial surpluses in the tens-of-millions since 2016, and the University is on track to produce a record surplus for 2021.

Click here to read the entire presentation.

What has the University proposed?

Prior to our presentation, the administration’s team offered a salary freeze for two years and the ability for them to remove our parking passes at any time. The PIO team’s presentation reveals that WMU’s financial situation is strong, with clear surpluses in both years impacted by the pandemic.

Without your voice, you could see an effective PAY DECREASE as a result of this contract. It’s not fair, and it’s not necessary. The best chance you have of getting a better contract is to make your voice heard. What you and your fellow part-time instructors do is what will make the difference. Here are a few things coming up:

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